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"Η κλωστή συμβολίζει τη βασική σύνδεση, σε οποιοδήποτε επίπεδο πνευματικό, βιολογικό, κοινωνικό." CIRCLOT, J-E. (1995), Το λεξικό των συμβόλων, Αθήνα: Κονιδάρη 


NIMATA is a French company.

The brand name "NIMATA" means in Greek "Threads" which are the central element of my collections. Every piece, every cloth created is unique; everything is handmade. The fabrics used are selected to combine harmoniously in their appearance, in such a way as to give a high quality product.


If you have a special order, with your own design, it could also be considered. In that case we could work together.


Feel free to contact me for any inquiries. I would be most pleased to answer you. Should you require a quicker response, you have also at your disposal an internet box where we can have live chats.


​Appointments can be arranged at my workshop or on Skype.

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